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Transition with us.

We have a proven process for helping you transition your business. This empowers you to focus on taking care of your clients while we take care of you.
- Meredith Schafer, Transitions Manager, Grove Point Financial

We Know It's a Big Move

We progress together through the process, beginning with an in-depth consultation with your Transition Coordinator to help us understand your practice, the investments your clients hold, and other critical information. Together, based on your unique circumstances, we will devise a plan that best meets your needs.


Our Process



  • Review your business needs
  • Develop a timeline
  • Guide your licensing and registration transfer
  • Prepare for client communications
  • Arrange for compliance approval of your marketing essentials


  • Transfer all registrations and appointments
  • Establish technology login credentials
  • Navigate the complexities of moving your business
  • Help you get answers quickly
  • Move all client accounts


  • Train you on how to move your business
  • Service your business and monitor how it's progressing
  • Introduce you to our array of resources for ongoing support


Our transition team consists of leaders from every department crucial to your transition success. Your key point of contact will be the Transition Coordinator, who will liaise with all the relevant departments at the home office to ensure a smooth transition from the day you start until you are fully on board and feeling comfortable.

transition team image
Grove Point wants to be your partner, not your boss. We perceived them to be a collaborative boutique shop that catered to their representatives, and it has been our pleasure to find that is indeed the case.
- Dan Searles, CFP
Senior Partner, Medallion Financial Services

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